What is it?

iPortage is a free/open source project that will offer a graphical front end for the Gentoo packaging system that is called Portage. The goal is to simplify the end user experience. Plans currently involve finding a cross between Apple Human Interface Guidelines and the Gnome Project's Human Interface Guidelines.

iPortage is in no way, shape, or form some type of project that was devised by Apple and the Gentoo developer group. This project is something that I devised at right about the same time I started porting Gentoo's Portage System over to OS X. I see a couple of benefits to using Portage as a package management system on OS X - I'll explain my rationale below.

Most of the rants I've seen on the web by people who are against this gesture have been pretty mean spirited. I'm not exactly sure why anyone would be against this seeing as how most personal computer's only have one Sysadmin, namely the purchaser [who just so happens to be the user]. So it's sort of a personal choice/preference about what people install. If if works for you then just use it. If you aren't into that kind of thing then, just don't worry about it.

At one time, I wasn't much of a Portage fan myself. Then I started trying to join a couple of free/open source projects and found myself having to rely on autobuild scripts inorder to get the latest source packages for my software. A friend suggested Gentoo as an option and I cleaned my gnu/linux system off and started using Gentoo.

Believe it or not, I still find myself building things from source but, it's not nearly as often as I used to. I also rarely update packages on my machine. That's usually a once-a-month chore that takes place when I'm out of town or too busy to hack. I can also get the sources I need and I can get my real work [school, pay check oriented, and fun] completed with minimal worry about dependency issues. I'm happy.

In any event. I've come to like portage - granted it has a couple of short comings when versions change but I still think it's a very nice toolset for package management. It's capable of handling binary installations as well as source based installations, which isn't all that terrible. So based on the benefits that I've had with my Portage experiences, I wanted to move Portage to OS X b/c I thought that it would be something that other people could use/benefit from.