That about covers things. If you'd like the current source release for portage on OS X, I've been assured that the version of it that I've emailed to the gentoo-dev list would make it onto the Gentoo site soon. For those of you that can't wait, click on the following link: The Portage OS X port.

I think there maybe a news post with a link or something. I'd like to say thanks to everyone that has helped out with this effort so far. You can't imagine the number of emails I've gotten telling me "keep up the good work" and "I'll beta test for you". That's been a very good experience for me and big motivator, thanks everyone!

I'd also like to say thanks to: pvdabeel [Pieter Van den Abeele], drobbins [Daniel Robbins], cybersystem, thedj, Nicholas Wourms, Joseph Hardin, Joseph Carter, Sascha Schwabbauer, oford, Pejvan Beigui, txtger, Ninnyen, and anyone else I may have caught on the Gentoo IRC channels and the developer listserv - your assistance in getting the word out and trying to get me up-to-speed with the Gentoo developer world has been another big motivator.

Before I take off, here are a couple links were you can read about this effort:
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